[IMPORTANT] Server Upgrades to take place on June 17th

 Server upgrades will take place on June 17th, 2021. You may experience a brief service disruption, causing your website or web hosting control panel to be inaccessible for up possibly longer than 15 minutes. You can keep your website online, & accessible to the public by using CloudFlare's "Always Online" tool, which uses cache files to serve content to visitors while the host/origin server is offline. CloudFlare is free and can be used by anyone. See more here: The servers that will be upgraded are S17 and S05, aka our Las Vegas Locations, hosted in a FranTech Data Center. S17 is hosted on our own branded domain,, while S05 is hosted on our own unbranded white-labeled domain. If you have access to this white labeled domain, you know what we are talking about, if you don't, there is nothing to worry about. We will be upgrading our disk by adding more than 5TB of disk space, as our server's disk partiti

[IMPORTANT] Web Hosting Plans are now pro-rated

All of Swivro's web hosting and reseller hosting plans (excluding the budget web hosting plan) are now pro rated. This means, all invoices are now due on the 1st of each month, meaning; if you purchase hosting on the 15th of say January, your renewal invoice will be due on February 1st, but while initially purchasing the hosting on January 15th, you will not be charged the full price for a month, as it is the 15th, and the renewal date is the 1st. You will only be charged for the amount of days left in the month until the 1st, all of the math is done by our billing system. To summarize; you are only being charged for the amount of time you purchased your web hosting for, since all invoices are now due on the 1st of each month. If you still don't understand what pro rata is, feel free to do a quick google search.

New Hosting Pricing Structure

  Hi Friends, we at Swivro have decided upon a new pricing structure for our web hosting plans and (now announced) reseller hosting plans. Don't worry, the price hasn't increased, we have just made some modifications to the offerings in our web hosting plans, and have settled a pricing structure for our new reseller hosting service. The pricing is "decent" as most of our "beta" users said. You can see the pricing below. Click on the image to see it in full resolution. All accounts on both web hosting and reseller hosting have the standard CPU, RAM and I/O Limits with no upgradable options for CPU, RAM, or I/O. All plans will continue to use the DirectAdmin Control Panel. As you may have noticed, we are not accepting new orders at this time. We occasionally stop accepting orders around 1-5 times per 3 years. As you can tell, our reseller hosting (disk-space wise) is a much "better deal" than our normal web hosting. You may not purchase our reseller

How we differ from other web hosting providers.

 Hello Friends, I'm Chris and I will be writing this article. We would like to explain our Pricing on our Web Hosting Plans, as we have been getting many requests to lower it, offer more features and/or fewer limits with them, and how we 'suck' compared to others. Starting off, making a point that most users don't seem to understand. We are not a web hosting business that only focuses on price (cheap). Web hosting businesses that focus on price only (being the cheapest) are not good, and you can expect them to fade away over the next 2 years. Swivro offers lightning fast (NVMe) quality 100% uptime highly reliable web hosting services. If you are hosting a website and don't care about speed, reliability, website downtime, and quality, feel free to pick a different provider.  We've tried all of the less well-known extremely cheap (sometimes as low as $8 per year!) ones, and trust us, they aren't good. We won't name them due to legal concerns, but it consis

Why are payments/transactions considered "donations"?

Swivro is an unregistered nonprofit organization, and not a legal entity. We are not registered because we do not wish to pay for such an unnecessary thing. Swivro develops technologies, interplanetary transport concepts, and more. We offer hosting services at a very unusual low price, as many consider it "too cheap for what it offers". Since we offer hosting services at a very low price, we do have a smaller, what many consider, "profit margin". We don't call it a profit margin (although it can be considered one, in a sense), we simply make less money from donations then we would if we made our prices for hosting services higher, thus, we are considered a nonprofit. Whether we are offering hosting services or not, in exchange of a donation monthly or yearly, we are still considered a nonprofit. All "payments" to us are considered donations, and under any circumstance does not constitute a customer transaction to us, where you are expressly exchanging