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Why we support free speech

Naoki informational

Free speech is a fundamental human right. It allows people to express their opinion and make their voice heard. It is important that people are able to speak up if they have concerns about something - no matter how unpopular or seemingly insignificant it may seem.

Freedom of expression is also important in the digital age, when free speech has changed into freedom of information. We should be able to access all the information available on the internet - even if it's controversial, inappropriate or offensive.

Censorship is bad because it prevents individuals from accessing information that may be important to them. It also discourages the sharing of ideas and opinions which is what democracy stands for.

It limits the access to information, which can limit an individual’s knowledge. It can be used to promote a specific ideology only, which could endanger an individual’s understanding of different ideologies and perspectives, thus limiting their understanding of society and culture. Finally, censorship promotes conformity by discouraging people from questioning the status quo.

So, we support free speech, and we do not support censorship. If we disagree with someone, we'll never try to censor them. If we don't like someone, we'll never try to censor them. Free speech is a right, not a privilege.