What's happening & what's next for Swivro?

It's been a pretty busy week for Swivro thus far. We've been managing GitPear and, released Levin (tls.levin.codes) and are monitoring Levin's performance, and are making some changes with our web hosting branch, HWG. We are also migrating to new servers across Swivro.

HWG will more than likely STOP offering web hosting publicly on July 20th-28th which can currently be bought in an instant online. We will no longer be accepting instant orders. You will need to contact us stating that you are interesting in using HWG's (HostWithGorilla.com) services, such as $3.00 web hosting. HWG will be migrating cPanel servers from LiquidNet LTD to DigitalOcean. If you contact us via [email protected] we can offer you $1 per month unlimited web hosting EARLY. If you want to order existing cheap web hosting plans from HWG in an instant, you should hurry up before its too late, just go to hostwithgorilla.com

GitPear has now been publicly operational for more than 7 days 👏👏. However, although GitPear is a free service, we really do need donations to keep running it. All of the money we receive via donations for GitPear (or Swivro) go straight back into GitPear or Swivro. If you would like to donate to only gitpear visit liberapay.com/GitPear/donate

GitPear cannot run without donations, which is why donations play a crucial role in keeping GitPear alive. We are currently hosting GitPear with FranTech Solutions but are looking into migrating to Microsoft's Azure Platform to increase uptime and reliability. We are absolutely not saying FranTech Solutions (BuyVM Brand) is not reliable, but they do require a reboot every now and then on their entire nodes, which will cause, at most, a 5 minute downtime. 5 minutes is indeed nothing as we currently see it, but as GitPear grows, more and more users will use it and we need ZERO downtime when it comes to that. Until then, we will remain a FranTech Solutions Customer, and we might never even switch to Azure if we can confirm that Fran doesn't spill Mountain Dew all over the server equipment  our server's uptime remains extremely close to 100%. GitPear remains free and operational, and publicly accessible via https://gitpear.com

Levin Password Manager (accessible via tls.levin.codes) is brand new. It's based off of open source JS-based software. We sprinkled some Swivro Code on it, changed up the design, are actively working on a new back-end (on our local side), and have improved it overall. Donations are also appreciated to keep running Levin. We need donations to renew the actual domain name and virtual server hosting. Levin is also free. Like all of our branches' products, Levin is privacy-oriented. Levin doesn't unethically track you in any sense whatsoever, period. Levin doesn't sell your personal information, period. Here is a basic description of Levin: Remember one master password to access all of your passwords, anywhere, on any device. No sync needed. When the same values are entered for all the fields below (on https://tls.levin.codes), the generated password will always result the same. This makes Levin an excellent secure password generator, and password manager. Levin was easy to start up, but we will be actively working on the backend and user-friendliness as time moves forward.

We're also looking into partnering with various companies & organizations which also care about privacy and security, and offer free online services, as we do. By partnering with these organizations & companies, it will benefit both of us (Us at Swivro and you. the Visitor!). It will help Swivro grow, and we also get to show you what cool thing they (our partner) are offering! We're also looking into acquiring some "dying" hosting businesses in an attempt to continue their services. We won't ruin them though, this aint EIG (Endurance International Group).

The final question; what's next? We have plans for new upcoming branches of Swivro and new products, offerings, and/or services, but we don't like to say too much until it actually happens, because plans can change in a heartbeat. In other words, we don't want to announce "this product" which is being released next month, but then a week later announce "this product" is no longer being released. Just for this post, we will say, we are working towards a new offering, which will offer DNS Hosting. It's a great alternative to ClouDNS, and CloudFlare DNS (our offering will not include a domain proxy), and will be secure and reliable with tight security measures. If you would like to help fund this new upcoming project, feel free to donate to Swivro via PayPal. It's very much truly appreciated and we will do our best to send you a personal email (Not from a bot, from a human!), being the email in your PayPal account in which you used to donate to us, thanking you for donating to us at Swivro.

We always do our best to provide public updates on whats happening at Swivro, so, thank you for reading! See you next time.