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Website & Brand Redesign

Naoki brand

We're always looking to improve the look of our website and brand, and, we decided that it was time to carry out a new major design update, to both our website and brand.

The changes have already been made to our website and brand, as seen in the screenshot above. Our website has been modified to look more modern, simple, compact, and visually amusing.

As seen above, this is part of our new logo. This symbol represents two things; an atom, and decentralization. Why these things you ask? Nothing would be possible without atoms. Everything you touch, smell, or see, is made of atoms. The food you eat is made of atoms. Earth is made of atoms. Your eyes are made of atoms. The screen you're reading this on, is made of atoms. Nothing would exist without atoms. The symbol also represents decentralization because we believe humanity needs to decentralize in order to survive. If we don't decentralize the human race (e.g. by colonizing Mars, our entire galaxy, etc), we're doomed to fail. Additionally, we believe that certain digital software & services are better off being decentralized (such as private messaging/communication platforms).

We hope you like our new website design and brand look, and we look forward to getting some feedback. Thanks!