Swivro takes over PrivacyWebring.us.to

Today, July 18th, we were speaking with the Owner of PrivacyWebring.us.to. The Owner had told us he was no longer able to run that website, leading to Swivro taking it now over, just minutes ago. PrivacyWebring.us.to is accessible at https://privacywebring.us.to and has been running since 2009. PrivacyWebring.us.to is an internet webring for websites that support online internet privacy, and value their visitors' privacy.

As the previous owner of PrivacyWebring.us.to said:

If you would like to put the privacy webring symbol somewhere on the footer of your website, feel free to do so. By doing so, it would show that you and your website respects online internet privacy and values peoples online privacy. Copy the code below and place it somewhere in the footer of your website. (code can be seen at privacywebring.us.to)

PrivacyWebring.us.to as it did, continues to run on GitHub Pages and Afraid FreeDNS to avoid any website fees. Soon, we will start listing websites that use PrivacyWebring.us.to and if you would like your site to be listed there, please email [email protected] with your website name. Please note, obviously, you must have PrivacyWebring.us.to on your website (see how to integrate it at https://privacywebring.us.to). The design of the official website does look a bit... rough, aka dated, since it has hardly been updated since 2009, but we will be updating the design to be more modern soon.

Thanks for reading.


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