Speaklink Mobile now available

If you haven't heard of Speaklink (if you have, you can skip over this paragraph), Speaklink is a privacy-first communication platform. End-to-end encryption for messaging, calling, video calling, and screen sharing. Speaklink values your privacy and cares about security. Speaklink is easy, modern, and fast, with super lightweight code making your experience super fast, without losing any of Speaklink's great features. Use Speaklink how you want, with a light theme or a dark theme. Speaklink is accessible on any device, as long as it has internet, and a modern browser, such as Firefox, Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. You can register an account aka sign up now for free WITHOUT an email address, although, an email address is highly recommended, because in the event of you forgetting or losing your password, you need an Email address to recover it. Get started at https://speaklink.uk.to (will open in a new tab).

Speaklink 0.2.3 features minor bug fixes, and a new dedicated mobile UI. Speaklink 0.2.3 is the stable version of the 0.2.2 prerelease.
The new dedicated mobile UI is powered by Matrix (like the desktop version of Speaklink), and Hydrogen web. It is extremely lightweight and functions great on mobile devices. This is the first time Speaklink officially supports Mobile, and doesn't use the desktop UI and squish it into a mobile screen.
Although Speaklink now has Speaklink Mobile (if you open Speaklink Web on mobile, you will be redirected to Speaklink Web Mobile, a dedicated Speaklink web app for mobile devices), you cannot register a new account on it, or open and/or join NEW chat rooms. You can also not make video or voice calls. To create a Speaklink account, and/or to join a new chat room or to open one, you need to do this on Speaklink on your browser on a desktop device, such as Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, etc. 
Speaklink Mobile (powered by Hydrogen web) is still somewhat experimental. Experimental meaning seeing how things go and improving greatly over time. Speaklink mobile is very stable and works great in production, however, as mentioned, to register a new Speaklink account, or to join (or open) a new chat room, you need to do this on a desktop device. Speaklink Homepage now has some new features as well.
Speaklink Mobile can even be used on desktop but it is not recommended, as it has less features and is more plain. Speaklink Mobile link: https://speaklink.uk.to/onmobile

Speaklink official website: https://speaklink.uk.to

As always, donations are appreciated. We run on donations, to allow us to keep providing online services like Speaklink, and to help cover the "cost" of human labor hours. Due to some recent lack of funding via donations we were forced to implement Ad's to our website (the website you are currently on) to help fund us. If you would like to see these ad's get removed, feel free to donate at any time. It isn't required, but if you would like to consider donating, there is a button below. Thanks for reading and have a great day :)