Speaklink Introduction & 0.2 Official Release

Oh boy, yet another project/branch released by Swivro this month, what could it be this time?

This one, is actually our favorite project. It's called Speaklink. Speaklink is a privacy-first communication platform. End-to-end encryption for messaging, calling, video calling, and screen sharing. Speaklink values your privacy and cares about security. Speaklink is easy, modern, and fast, with super lightweight code making your experience super fast, without losing any of Speaklink's great features. Use Speaklink how you want, with a light theme or a dark theme. Speaklink is accessible on any device, as long as it has internet, and a modern browser, such as Firefox, Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. You can register an account aka sign up now for free WITHOUT an email address, although, an email address is highly recommended, because in the event of you forgetting or losing your password, you need an Email address to recover it. Get started at https://speaklink.uk.to (will open in a new tab).

This specific Speaklink Version release, 0.2, has new features in comparison to the initial release, being 0.1. This new release, 0.2, features a brand new home UI sometimes referred to as a landing page or homepage. The new UI makes it easy to learn what Speaklink is, what Speaklink offers, and how Speaklink is different. Speaklink is accessible via https://speaklink.uk.to made possible by the FreeDNS Network. We aren't required to state that it was made possible by the FreeDNS Network, but FreeDNS sure does help us a lot, at freedns.afraid.org

Like Swivro itself, Speaklink is considered a nonprofit technology group. Nonprofit as in, the primary goal is not to make a profit. We use reliable tools like GitHub, FreeDNS, and more, to keep Speaklink online 24/7 with (pretty much) zero downtime. Speaklink uses the Matrix Backend as a chat/voice/video server. You can create your own server, even hosted on your own computer inside of a VM, to host your very own Matrix Server, and then you can use Speaklink to connect to it. A matrix server is where all chat messages are stored (encrypted of course), as well as where voice/audio (for voice calls), and video (for video calls) are processed. By default, when signing up/registering to Speaklink, the public global secure Matrix server is selected. If you're a newbie, or don't want to spend money hosting your own server, or have no idea what we are talking about, then just keep the "homeserver/matrix server" selected on the default option being matrix.org

By connecting to the global matrix.org server network, it's just as secure as if you were hosting it yourself, because everything is fully encrypted, multiple times, end-to-end. This is more secure than nearly every other communication platform on the internet. See the security comparison here (it will open in a new tab once clicked) -> https://speaklink.uk.to/securitycomparison.html

One reason we added this entire new homepage UI for Speaklink is to allow people like students, developers, and/or people learning how to code, to build on top of Speaklink; customizing it to their liking, and improving it. Speaklink is made available under the Apache 2.0 License. The source code and update/management activity can be viewed on the official GitHub Repo, seen here -> https://github.com/kasperireland/speaklink

Of course, the current latest release is 0.2 (officially 0.2.1). You can see the Speaklink code releases here -> https://github.com/kasperireland/speaklink/releases

In the latest release, 0.2 (officially 0.2.1), there is currently a bug or two, along with a visual issue. These issues were fixed, and have been applied to the "master" branch of the repository, along with the official Speaklink instance at Speaklink.uk.to, but have not yet been applied to a release. The next Speaklink release, 0.3, will feature the fixes. SpeakLink 0.3 will have even more new features, including a mobile app, desktop app, a (possibly) slightly cleaner UI, and more.

We will continue to develop Speaklink, building upon Matrix/Element, making Speaklink even better. We believe we've already simplified the sign up process.

As always, donations are appreciated. We run on donations, to allow us to keep providing online services like Speaklink, and to help cover the "cost" of human labor hours. Due to some recent lack of funding via donations we were forced to implement Ad's to our website (the website you are currently on) to help fund us. If you would like to see these ad's get removed, feel free to donate at any time. It isn't required, but if you would like to consider donating, there is a button below. Thanks for reading and have a great day :)