Purchasing Terms

You agree to the Purchasing Terms IF you made a donation/payment to Swivro. You can see the Purchasing Terms below.

Please note, these Purchasing Terms are subject to change at any time without notice.


Disputes & Refunds

By donating, you acknowledge that you hold Swivro Products, its ownership, and administration free from any form of legal disputes regarding this donation. Regardless of the circumstance, donations are non-refundable.


Payment Information

When you make a donation to Swivro, it does not, under any circumstance, constitute a customer transaction whatsoever. This means, you are not exchanging your money for goods or a service. When you donate to Swivro, you may receive access to Premium Services, including but not limited to File Storage.


Refusal of service

Swivro reserves the right to refuse to provide access to premium services, without proper reasoning, even without providing a reimbursement, aka a refund, as Swivro does not refund donations.



You may not hold Swivro liable for any losses or damages to any premium services you received, including but not limited to; file storage services


You are responsible

You may not abuse your product in any way, you may not host any illegal content, you may not violate any Terms, including but not limited to purchasing terms, you may not abuse any resources, and you may not send any form of a cyber attack to us or our visitors.


Termination, suspension, or removal without notice

At any time, Swivro may decide to terminate, suspend, or completely remove your premium service account, including but not limited to, File Storage/Swivro Drive Account, without any proper reason.