PickMyHost; Project Cancellation

Hey there. The other day, we posted an update stating that we would be publicly releasing a project called PickMyHost, allowing you to go through a series of questions, and based on those questions, you will be recommended a hosting provider based on your needs, budget, etc, which you were to select while going through the form.

Unfortunately, due to several concerns regarding PickMyHost, it will no longer be publicly available, or available at all. The project has been cancelled and further work on this project has been ceased. For privacy reasons, we will not provide the full reasoning behind why this project was cancelled, but we will assure you; after extensive research and several brief reviews of the project & multiple overviews & comparisons, we came to a conclusion that PickMyHost should not be publicly released or should continue to be developed.

We hope you understand, and we look forward to offering even more services in the future, in addition to our current offerings. Thanks for reading.