; Take notes in a hurry has been in operation since April, but has never had an official announcement from us., as the name suggests, is accessible from typing into your web browser URL bar. Note, also as the name suggests, allows you to take notes in a hurry. It is straight to the point, there is no landing page. When you visit the entire webpage is a notepad, which automatically saves your notes. Simply type in some notes or text on in your browser, and then close that browser tab. You can close the browser tab without losing your notes because all note content is automatically saved into your browser's localstorage. This is very secure, because it means we don't store it on any online public database, and it's encrypted in your browser. is also of course 100% free and we rely on donations to run it. If you would like to consider donating, feel free to do so here, only if you wish to do so. currently has a browser extension for Microsoft Edge. If you would like to use on Microsoft Edge as a browser extension, meaning you will be able to save and access your notes in just a click, using the Microsoft Edge Browser Extension, feel free to check it out here:

The Microsoft Edge browser extension allows you to quickly create notes while still surfing the web, without having to exit, minimize, or shrink your browser window. Say you are on Amazon and you find a product you would like to purchase later that day (let's call it product A). You would open the browser extension by clicking the icon on your browser toolbar, you could write down "Buy product A for Bob's project later today", and then close the window. It's that easy. As of right now we only support Microsoft Edge for a browser extension, but can still be used on any other browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox, or even Safari on macOS if you're psychotic, by simply navigating to

EDIT: is now available for Firefox, Firefox Developer Edition, and Waterfox. You can add on Firefox, Firefox Developer Edition, or Waterfox by adding it via the Mozilla Firefox Browser Add-ons directory, with the addon being accessible here: for Firefox is different than for Microsoft Edge. On Microsoft Edge,, as a browser extension, is accessible by clicking the Icon on the browser toolbar on the top right. On Firefox, is be opened as a sidebar where you can take notes at any time while browsing the web. The sidebar will always be open, even while you are browsing the web, but we made sure to not make it annoying. Try for Firefox with the link above this paragraph.

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