Levin Password Manager 1.1 Official Release

Levin, our amazing stateless password manager, has been operating flawlessly since release. It's not perfect, and never will be absolutely spot-on perfect, but we always try to improve it as much as we can. Levin 1.1, our latest release, is indeed an improvement, making things simpler, quicker, and less-complicated, while still delivering the same great speed, security, privacy, ya know.

Levin is mind-blowingly lightweight, so there isn't much code. Being said, we just officially released Levin 1.1. Levin 1.1 can be accessed via Levin Web at levin.swivro.net or TLS.Levin.codes. Levin 1.1 is not yet pushed to the open source GitPear repository for public-use, but will be shortly. You can still download Levin 1.1 NOW via Google Drive, more on that later in this article.

What's changed?

Levin 1.1 features no major changes. Levin 1.1 includes minor JS & HTML Code changes in the Levin Web App, nothing too noticeable though. Levin features a brand new homepage, with a list of some features that Levin is proud of, and a quick button, which once pressed, brings you to Levin Web. When we say Levin Web, we mean our official public instance of Levin ran by Swivro, accessible via levin.swivro.net and only levin.swivro.net. We migrated from tls.levin.codes to levin.swivro.net to ensure security and after becoming aware of potential conflicts with Name.com, the domain registrar for tls.levin.codes such as them tracking DNS Queries, not caring about privacy, and more concerns regarding our ownership of the domain name levin.codes. The new Bootstrap homepage for Levin explains how we value your privacy, how Levin has great security, and how/why it is forever free. As mentioned, this homepage is part of the 1.1 update and will be available on the official Levin repository on GitPear. 

What's next for Levin?

Levin 1.2 is the next Levin update. It will feature an improved UI for Levin Web, cleaner/simpler code, will be more lightweight, will feature JavaScript-encoded HTML webpage Files, and more. Levin 1.2 from 1.1 (current release) should be a bigger improvement, than the improvement from 1.0 to 1.1 (current release). Levin 1.2 should be simpler, easier, faster, and smarter. Even a baby could use it. Levin 1.2 will also feature a mobile (android) and desktop (windows) app for quick & easy use for Levin Web.

For everyone wondering, Levin is indeed available to be used offline. This means you can run Levin on your own device without internet, it's free, it's easy, and did we mention it's free? Levin is plain HTML, CSS, and JS. Oh, and Bootstrap.

Download Levin 1.1 for your own personal or commercial use with the Google Drive link below. Remember, Levin is licensed under CC By ND 4.0, the license can be viewed by clicking this text.

Download Levin 1.1 zip file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oy451-xrUjG_LslRKtSo-6UZLkneZTXc/view?usp=sharing

As always, donations are extremely appreciated. We run on them, and even $1 helps us. If you would like to consider donating just one time, whether its a small amount or not, the button is below if you wish :)

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.