Introducing PickMyHost

Today I will be introducing PickMyHost. It's not a complicated concept. It's a website that picks what hosting service is right for you, whether that's website hosting, reseller hosting, virtual server hosting, email hosting, DNS hosting, and more. PickMyHost is essentially a great alternative to HostAdvice or HostingAdvice. The difference is, PickMyHost respects your privacy, as do all Swivro Products & Services, and PickMyHost only recommends top quality services, whereas on HostAdvice, you literally can easily be recommended & referred to fake companies that scam their clients and are ran by 10 year old's during the summer time. PickMyHost by Swivro verifies that all companies it recommends are legit and are at the level of quality possible. PickMyHost is absolutely 100% free, and all it takes to use it is to go to the PickMyHost website. Do note, PickMyHost is not yet available to the public, but will be soon, on it's release date, more about the release date later in this post. Below you can see a screenshot of what the PickMyHost interface currently looks like and what it is expected to look like on its release date. 

Options like DNS Hosting have not yet been added but are in the works. After picking an option, such as VPS Hosting, you will be brought to another page. Let's say I chose VPS (aka virtual server) hosting. It will then bring me to a page based on VPS Hosting, asking more questions. Here's a screenshot of what that would look like:

After picking one of those options, it will bring you to yet another page asking what specifications you are looking for, and then from there, you will be brought to a page stating what host is right for you. We haven't finished the VPS Hosting page options (screenshot above) yet, so we can't show you what happens after clicking one of those buttons, because nothing happens (yet). If you go through the web hosting options, you will eventually come to a conclusion to what host is right for you, so here's a screenshot of what that would likely look like (design is not finalized):

This project, PickMyHost, seems like a piece of cake and that it can be done in a quick hour or so, but keep in mind; I have limited time and resources, and I'm currently the only one at Swivro making these new projects. PickMyHost will have some affiliate links, after you click on 'See Pricing' for a provider that PickMyHost recommends to you based on your selections, but it will not have a lot of affiliate links. PickMyHost's job is not to make a profit via affiliate links or via ads, but it's goal is to just genuinely help people pick a hosting provider that is right for them.

PickMyHost came into existence last week, and should be finalized & publicly released & available this week. At the time of release, we will update you via a new post here at Swivro and will provide the URL/Link to PickMyHost.  

If you're wondering why no posts were made here at Swivro for 3 days, it's because, as mentioned before, I have limited time and resources and cannot post updates multiple times every day of the year.

As always, donations are appreciated. We run on donations, to allow us to keep providing online services like PickMyHost, and to help cover the "cost" of human labor hours. Due to some recent lack of funding via donations we were forced to implement Ad's to our website (the website you are currently on) to help fund us. If you would like to see these ad's get removed, feel free to donate at any time. It isn't required, but if you would like to consider donating, there is a button below. Thanks for reading and have a great day :)


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