Introducing Glenn Website Manager

Introducing Glenn Website Manager, a simple software that lets you manage your website content, website files, emails, MySQL Databases, DNS, and more.

Glenn is a Windows Server software. This means Glenn is designed to run on the Windows Server OS (plain Windows may work as well), and not Linux. Glenn is designed to only manage one website, meaning it is not a control panel for shared hosting. If you are hosting 5 websites, you cannot use Glenn to manage them all on the same (windows) server, for that we recommend Plesk. If you want to host multiple websites using Glenn, and say you have 5 websites, you will need 5 servers (or virtual servers, which come at a cheap price), each having Glenn installed.

Glenn features a very easy to use UI, integrated PHPMyAdmin, a File Manager, a Windows Service Manager (stop/start/restart the web server, MySQL, and more), an OS Auto-Restart Scheduler, integrated PHP, and more. The UI isn't intended to be extremely elegant and beautiful, but is more of a simple, minimal, yet modern interface which is just meant to get stuff done fast & easily, not to admire how beautiful it is.

Glen doesn't use Windows IIS, the web server software that comes with the Windows Server OS (although for the first version of Glenn, it might, more on that later). It uses our custom web server software, powered by ElectronJS, with the latest PHP Version integrated. The Glenn Control panel also shows real-time stats for RAM and CPU Usage, as well as your public IPv4 address. Glenn uses the .NET Framework, meaning in order to use Glenn on your Windows Server/Virtual Server, you will need to install the .NET Framework from Microsoft's website.

Glenn also features anti-bot protection. Any HTTP Requests to the web server which seem malicious, unusually repetitive, or fishy, will be blocked from accessing the web server (port 80/443), and will be blacklisted. The first version of Glenn will NOT have anti-bot protection, nor will it have the custom ElectronJS PHP Web Server, but will have every other feature. In future versions of Glenn, those features will be integrated.

Glenn, of course, like most of our other projects, is available at no cost. At the time of writing this article, the first version of Glenn is estimated to be released in approximately 24 days and 5 hours. Glenn isn't incredibly hard to develop, but due to limited time & resources, we can't make it in one day, and release it the same day, without the software being public whilst having issues/bugs & security risks. You can see the live countdown here on our new website layout. (more info about our new website layout coming soon).

If you still want to host a website, but aren't very technical, or don't want to spend a lot of money on an entire dedicated virtual server, but are looking for good quality shared website hosting, we recommend or

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