How exactly do we 'value' your privacy?

Here at Swivro, we are privacy-oriented. We care about privacy and security. We do our best to ensure your data is secure, safe, and private. We don't unethically share data with any 3rd parties and we cannot be acquired.

Swivro doesn't sell your data, PERIOD.

"But wait, you just said you're privacy oriented and care sooo much about security and privacy, but you literally use CloudFlare and Google Ads! What the heck man!??!?!?" - We are privacy oriented, and we really do care about security, Jimmy, but since our primary goal is not to make a profit (hence we considered a nonprofit), and Swivro itself does not sell commercial products as a for-profit company, we need to run a small amount of Ads on our website to continue running. It does suck, but it's one of few ways we can make money to continue running. Swivro itself does not unethically track you whatsoever, we promise. We use CloudFlare to mitigate cyber-attacks, as we do not have the funding to cover the cost of advanced in-house DDoS Protection.

Moving on, we don't collect what we don't have to, and we don't share data that isn't required to be shared. If you are a child and are under the age of 13, we will not intentionally collect your data, as per our Privacy Policy. If you are indeed under the age of 13, and have used our services, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to wipe all data in which we may have collected from you. If you are looking for the boring Privacy Policy you can see it at

Yeah, that's right, I'm not even going to embed it as a clickable link (the privacy policy link above), that's how boring it is. You'll just have to put in some effort and copy and paste the link into your browser if you really want to read a boring paragraph.

We do our best to not store your information

In the case of us being contacted by a federal entity or any type of law enforcement, being forced to provide/give up information such as email addresses, IP Addresses, or general location of a visitor/user (you), Swivro will indeed give up this information. However, we do our best to NOT store any of this information whatsoever, so if we don't have this data, there is no data to share, therefore, there is no information to give up to law enforcement if/when asked.

As of July 10th, 2021, the following products do collect & store your data/information:

- File Storage/Swivro Drive

- GitPear

Both of them require an email address to sign up for an account aka register for an account, hence, we have to store those email addresses in our database. Your IP Address is logged as well, but we do our best to delete it from our database as fast as possible, as frequent as possible, so that there is no data to share when asked to share data (in this case, IP addresses is the 'data' we are talking about).

As of July 10th, 2021, Swivro does NOT collect your data/information from the following products:

- Speaklink

- Levin

Although Speaklink does ask for an email address upon registration, Swivro does not host any of the chat/communication servers. The default "homeserver" (the physical server your data is stored on in Speaklink) is set to is the #1 Public Matrix Server (Speaklink uses the Matrix Protocol), so all data would be stored on's database (IF was your selected homeserver), so Swivro would not have any access. We do host the frontend of Speaklink, but not the backend, and the frontend does not collect your data/information.

Levin (Password Manager) has no data collection involved whatsoever. It's a static web app, meaning all code is ran locally on your machine. It doesn't reach out to any 3rd party websites, applications, or analytical servers, hence, Levin doesn't collect any of your data. There's no data collected, so there's no data to share. That's what makes Levin private.

That's pretty much it. A basic overview of what we do to keep your data private & confidential at Swivro. If you have any further concerns, do feel free to email us at [email protected]

(Just a side note, I do not feel that this article was very good in terms of quality & professionalism. I do this for free, and it's currently midnight, so this article is better than no article regarding privacy, as we were requested by some visitors to post an article explaining how we value our visitors privacy. Thanks for understanding.)

As always, donations are appreciated. We run on donations, to allow us to keep providing online services like Speaklink, and to help cover the "cost" of human labor hours. Due to some recent lack of funding via donations we were forced to implement Ad's to our website (the website you are currently on) to help fund us. If you would like to see these ad's get removed, feel free to donate at any time. It isn't required, but if you would like to consider donating, there is a button below. Thanks for reading and have a great day :)


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