How we differ from other web hosting providers.

 Hello Friends, I'm Chris and I will be writing this article.

We would like to explain our Pricing on our Web Hosting Plans, as we have been getting many requests to lower it, offer more features and/or fewer limits with them, and how we 'suck' compared to others.

Starting off, making a point that most users don't seem to understand. We are not a web hosting business that only focuses on price (cheap). Web hosting businesses that focus on price only (being the cheapest) are not good, and you can expect them to fade away over the next 2 years. Swivro offers lightning fast (NVMe) quality 100% uptime highly reliable web hosting services. If you are hosting a website and don't care about speed, reliability, website downtime, and quality, feel free to pick a different provider. 

We've tried all of the less well-known extremely cheap (sometimes as low as $8 per year!) ones, and trust us, they aren't good. We won't name them due to legal concerns, but it consists of 3 different hosts. We experienced downtime (hours per day on some occasions), website slowing down randomly, random IP Addresses accessing our account, payment complications, and a hard drive literally failing leading to data/website corruption. We were also hosting a WordPress test website, and we noticed that the entire web servers disk space was full, and we couldn't back up our website, download our website, upload files, or change anything because of this. They also all use traditional slow spinning hard disk drives (HDD's) whereas we use solid state drives (SSD's) and blazing fast NVMe Drives. Yes, these alternative businesses are extremely cheap, but for the low price of $3.99 per month at Swivro, you can get a web hosting product 50x better, highly reliable, blazing fast, and awesome. If you need help you can contact us at any time through our support system or live chat.

We listen to our users unlike nearly any other web hosting provider. As of last week, we received over 3,000 total requests to remove monthly traffic limits from our web hosting plans. We did it, because we listen to our users and care for our users, and you will not be charged for this change, nor will the prices increase. This doesn't benefit us at all, but we want to do our best to give our users what they want, so we did. It's harder to make a profit to continue to provide quality light-speed services if we offer more features and fewer limitations without a price increase, so that is why we have so many plans for you to choose from, to pick which one is best for you.

We often receive complaints about Swivro refusing your order. Swivro may decide to refuse your order depending on the data you save in your account, meaning if your account is marked as fraud, is filled with fake information such as fake name, address, etc, or is a secondary account, your order will be refused and not refunded. Why not refunded? As per our Terms of Service, no refunds are given. You should not need to even think about wanting to get a refund if you read our Terms of Service before purchasing. In some cases, we may decide to give you a refund via store credit, but we will not refund you via credit card, PayPal, Crypto, etc.

We offer some sweet features in our hosting plans, along with quality support, lightning-fast servers, high-traffic capability, and more, at a reasonably affordable price. Any company that claims to offer 'fully unlimited hosting, unlimited CPU seconds, IOPS, I/O, Disk R/W Speeds, unlimited disk space, unlimited everything' simply has a catch, and/or many drawbacks, and there's no ignoring that. Most of these hosts start up during the summer time & fade away without notice, suddenly or gradually. These are sometimes referred to as 'summerhosts' as lots of people like to call hosts started by underage kids that haven't got a clue of what they are doing. Swivro has been operating since late 2015. That's about 6 years.

We have initiated price increases in the past to allow ourselves to continue to provide these quality professional hosting services. We try our best to not initiate any price increases, but if we do, you will not immediately be charged with an extra amount. Instead, we can work out something via Support Tickets. You shouldn't be worried about these price increases as they are now extremely unlikely to happen, given the current state of things. We believe we have settled our pricing structure and will have no need to change it at all ever again.

If you would like us to explain the differences between us and another hosting provider, or your current hosting provider, we recommend you email our Support Department at

We do not run web servers on our own dedicated environment in our own datacenters (anymore). Instead, we rent virtual servers from reliable companies, and provide web hosting that is on a shared virtual hosting environment. This doesn't mean everyone has access to your account and all of your data you store is public, but instead means your website is hosted on the same server that other websites are hosted on, but your account, account details, and more, all remain private, with only you and the Swivro Admin's being able to access. Virtual Shared Enviroments have many benefits over purely dedicated enviroments such as the ability to take snapshots (backups/restoration points) of the entire virtual machine (which consists of over 10,000 hosted websites) so that in the unlikely event of an OS corruption, we would have a snapshot of the entire server to revert back to in a simple click, leading to less than (as low as) 30 seconds of downtime from the point we notice the issue.

To summarize, if you are looking for a dirt cheap web host, this aint it chief. Dirt cheap has plenty of drawbacks, far too many to explain in this small article. But, if you are looking for extremely reliable, affordable, lightning fast, quality web hosting, with an average uptime of 100%, we're the one. See more at our homepage

Affordable is not always the same thing as cheap. Here at Swivro it isn't. Affordable here at Swivro means you receiving a great amount of features, while paying a reasonable price for what it's value is. Say we are offering you web hosting with 256 Gigabytes of purely dedicated RAM priced at $59.99 per month. We would consider that an affordable price, given the large amount of RAM offered, at a very low price in comparison to other providers. That's what we mean by affordable. Of course, our prices don't go that high, and if you would like to consider checking out our pricing, you can do so at our homepage at

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.

Chris ~ Afternoon Technical Support at Swivro

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