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How we differ from other web hosting providers.

 Hello Friends, I'm Chris and I will be writing this article. We would like to explain our Pricing on our Web Hosting Plans, as we have been getting many requests to lower it, offer more features and/or fewer limits with them, and how we 'suck' compared to others. Starting off, making a point that most users don't seem to understand. We are not a web hosting business that only focuses on price (cheap). Web hosting businesses that focus on price only (being the cheapest) are not good, and you can expect them to fade away over the next 2 years. Swivro offers lightning fast (NVMe) quality 100% uptime highly reliable web hosting services. If you are hosting a website and don't care about speed, reliability, website downtime, and quality, feel free to pick a different provider.  We've tried all of the less well-known extremely cheap (sometimes as low as $8 per year!) ones, and trust us, they aren't good. We won't name them due to legal concerns, but it consis